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At CTC Union, professional products that suit the communication networking field are both designed and manufactured. CTC Union products are distributed through a world-wide network of Data/Telecom distributors. Varies of products listed below:

Interface Converters

Interface Converters Series includes a complete line of datacom interface converters.
Datacom Accessories

CTC Union's Datacom (data communications) Accessories include our products such as LAN Cable testers, Break out Box
Fiber Media Converters

CTC Union's Fiber Series includes a wide range of Ethernet to fiber converters both standalone and rack mountable a

DSU/CSU products for E1 (European standard) and T1 (American standard) transmission systems.
Network Testing Equipment

CTC Union's Network Testing Equipment includes a variety of portable testing equipment for networking professionals
Transmission Units-xDSL

CTC Union's Transmission xDSL Series includes a complete series of ADSL Splitters for both customer premises (CPE)

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For Sales enquiry, please send email to sales@sstl.com.hk, or call us at +852 2152 8966.

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