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Perle Systems

Perle Systems' Serial to Ethernet, Serial to Server and Network Connectivity solutions guarantee customers full-featured, secure and reliable products that are fully supported for smooth integration into a wide variety of connectivity applications, solutions and environments.

Advanced Serial to Ethernet Technology: Perle's IOLAN range of Console Servers, Devices Servers and Terminal Servers feature built-in support for IPv6 along with the broadest range of authentication methods and encryption technologies. The IOLAN range provides the best investment choice from simple to ultra secure serial to Ethernet connectivity.


Learn more about Serial to Ethernet Solutions

bullet Console Servers / Data center management
Our wide range of 1 to 48 port Perle Console Servers provide data center managers with secure remote management of any device with a console port. Plus, the only truly fault tolerant Console Servers on the market.
bullet Device Servers
Web or network enable existing equipment with RS-232, RS-422 or RS485 serial interfaces, quickly and easily. These Device Servers have the broadest set of standard and secure feature sets on the market at the most cost-effective price.
bullet Terminal Servers
Our wide range of 1 to 48 port TCP/IP Terminal Servers offer the broadest set of features that allow companies to easily connect devices with an RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 serial interface to Ethernet LANs for access to network server applications.
bullet Ethernet I/O Device Servers
Convert I/O information from Digital, Analog, temperature and relay I/O devices to Ethernet. This wide range of products also enables control of digital outputs by remote application, an administrator or a local custom application residing on the IOLAN I/O Device Server.
bullet Embedded Device Servers
Web or network enable your product by building in the power of a Perle Device Server with these board level products.

Serial to Server Solutions:

bullet Serial Cards
Perle's extensive range of Serial Cards make it easy to add 1 to 512 serial ports to Linux, Unix and Windows servers. Extremely flexible solutions capable of supporting a variety of applications
bullet Parallel Cards
Parallel Cards from Perle enable users to add a parallel port to their PC's and servers
bullet Multi-Modem Cards
Perle's high performance V.92 Multi-Modem cards are ideal solutions for fax serving, remote access, Internet and messaging applications in Windows, Linux and UNIX environments.

Network Connectivity Solutions:

bullet AS/400 Connectivity
Perle’s 100% IBM-compatible Network and Remote Controllers are powerful VPN-ready AS/400 connectivity solutions, connecting Twinax devices over IP desktops from remote locations.
bullet Remote Access Servers (RAS)
Perle's 833 range of Remote Access Servers offer feature-rich and complete solutions for dial-in, dial-out and LAN to LAN connectivity for 2 to 120 simultaneous users. Our RAS offer remote users fast and reliable access to Ethernet LAN resources.
bullet Routers
Perle's high speed, multi-function VPN enabled Routers provide complete and secure solutions for connecting Ethernet, Twinax and Serial devices to Wide Area Networks

For Sales enquiry, please send email to sales@sstl.com.hk, or call us at +852 2152 8966.

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