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SafeNet develops the technology that provides the foundation of Internet security. Our intellectual property, silicon, hardware, security systems, and software solutions enable the secure communications needed to conduct e-business, government operations, and secure communications via private networks and public networks like the Internet.

SafeNetprovide and manage complete enterprise security systems as well as create embedded technology, in the form of IP, chips and accelerator cards, that is emerging as the de facto VPN industry standard.

With more than 20 years in the network security industry, SafeNet has installed systems in major international financial institutions, including JP Morgan & Co., Chase Manhattan Bank, Interbanking Argentina, Bank of New York, The Central Bank of Sweden, Bank of America, and Citibank.

SafeNet has also proven to be a leader in addressing government security needs. The US Treasury Department, the Social Security Administration, the US Department of Defense, the US Customs Service, the US Postal Service, and FBI have implemented SafeNet technology to protect sensitive data over private and public networks. Internationally, the governments of Spain, Singapore, and Sweden utilize SafeNet technology to address their high-level security concerns.


Product Overview

SafeEnterprise Security Management Center 

The SMC provides total security management for SafeNet WAN and IPSec appliances, and software clients including authentication, definition and enforcement of security policy, configuration, monitoring, and audit capabilities.

Representing an industry breakthrough by merging network security management for both layer 2 and layer 3 networks within a single management platform, the SafeEnterprise Security Management Center is the only true enterprise security management application on the market today that provides a secure, dedicated application for securely managing appliances for ATM, Frame, Link, and IP networks. The SMC is a robust, Java-based management platform that authenticates any combination of SafeNet solutions deployed on the enterprise network and remotely configures, monitors, and performs firmware updates for SafeNet network security products. The SMC has the capability to manage any product that has been integrated on to the extensible management center architecture. Operation, training, costs and security are all optimized by providing a single management element to administer security across heterogeneous networks.

For Sales enquiry, please send email to sales@sstl.com.hk, or call us at +852 2152 8966.

HighAssurance Gateways

The SafeEnterprise HighAssurance Gateways are high performance network security appliances that combine the industry’s strongest encryption and authentication schemes to tunnel data securely across the Internet or private TCP/IP networks.

Each gateway is an IPSec-compliant device designed to address the security requirements of entry-level, mid-size, and enterprise-class customers available in five models.


SafeEnterprise Gateway 100


HighAssurance Gateway 500 


HighAssurance Gateway 1000 


HighAssurance Gateway 2000 


HighAssurance Gateway 4000 

For Sales enquiry, please send email to sales@sstl.com.hk, or call us at +852 2152 8966.

HighAssurance Remote 

HighAssurance Remote provides high assurance VPN capabilities to desktops and portable computers for all versions of Microsoft® Windows® including XP, enabling secure client-to-client or client-to-gateway communications over wireless LANs, TCP/IP networks, and dial-up connections. This enhanced client software product offers unparalleled extended features to remote access users connecting to the corporate VPN, protecting the user from growing hazards posed by hackers wielding tools like Trojan horses, spyware, and other malicious code. The HighAssurance Remote client is based on SafeNet's de facto standard VPN software product, SoftRemote®, licensed to 35 leading OEM manufacturers including four of the six leading VPN appliance manufacturers, and is the only VPN client software licensed by the Department of Defense for government-wide use. Key features include AES encryption and FIPS certified technology.

For Sales enquiry, please send email to sales@sstl.com.hk, or call us at +852 2152 8966.

SafeEnterprise ATM and ATM/Frame Encryptor  

The SafeEnterprise ATM Encryptor provides data privacy and access control for connections between vulnerable public and private ATM networks. It employs federally endorsed DES or Triple-DES algorithms and, with the flexibility to choose the desired interface module, can be deployed in T1, E1, T3, E3, OC3c and OC12c networks.

For Sales enquiry, please send email to sales@sstl.com.hk, or call us at +852 2152 8966.

SafeEnterprise Frame Encryptor 

The SafeEnterprise Frame Encryptor provides the highest level of security for frame relay networks at clock speeds up to 52 Mbps, and is scalable across a wide range of networks and applications. Business organizations and government entities rely on robust and proven technologies such as frame relay to transport and secure mission critical data.

For Sales enquiry, please send email to sales@sstl.com.hk, or call us at +852 2152 8966.

SafeEnterprise Link Encryptor 

The SafeEnterprise Link Encryptor secures sensitive data transmitted over high-speed, point-to-point, or dial-up communication links at speeds up to 52 Mbps. Commercial organizations and government entities rely heavily on close-looped secure networks for the transport of highly sensitive data. The SafeEnterprise Link Encryptor family of products meets these needs by providing the widest range of link encryption solutions available in the market today.

For Sales enquiry, please send email to sales@sstl.com.hk, or call us at +852 2152 8966.

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