SM-2400 Bypass Switch



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The SM-2400 Programmable Bypass Switch provides the ability to automatically bypass a malfunctioning network appliance.  The unit operates as an intelligent watchdog that expects periodic interaction with a properly-functioning network appliance via a serial communication link.  In the event of a failure of the bypassable device, the unit removes the failing device from the Ethernet link.  After bypassing (removing) the failing device, the SM-2400 directly connects the two external Ethernet ports to reestablish end-to-end communications.  The unit is available in several configurations for end-user or OEM applications. 

Key Benefits

bulletPatented Transparent Bypass Technology
bulletIndependent Watchdog Function Responds to Link and System Failures
bulletQuickly Bypasses Failing Network Appliances
bulletCompletely Transparent to Ethernet Link Traffic
bulletSimple Control Interface via Serial Connection
bulletMaintains End-to-End Connectivity thru Power Failures
bulletFlexible Physical Design for PCI Internal Card or External Chassis Applications
bulletProgrammable Switchover Delays
bulletFlash Firmware Upgradeable
bulletStandard Support for 10/100 BaseT Ethernet.  Optional Support for Gigabit Copper (1000BaseT) Ethernet

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