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Syncom Home Page 

SynCom Network, Inc. provides PDH fiber optical multiplexers, SDH fiber optical systems, SDH-based Integrated Access Products that supports various data/voice applications, and standard-based integrated Network Management Systems that manage all SynCom equipment.

Fiber Optical Multiplexer 

SynCom's SPF2000 series products, T1/E1/Combination optical multiplexer, are optical transmission equipments for one or up to 16 T1/E1/Combination signals transmitted through the fibre link. The T1/E1 signals are transmitted over optical fibre for better quality and longer transmission distance. Besides, SPF2000 provides many value-added functions to meet customs' needs. It is a very flexible and efficient way to use the SPF2000 in your optical transmission network for voice, data, and wireless applications.

For Sales enquiry, please send email to sales@sstl.com.hk, or call us at +852 2152 8966.

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