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Zypcom Home Page




Analog Modems

56Kbps Industrial Modems

56Kbps Internet Access Modems

33.6Kbps Advanced Network Modems

33.6Kbps Corporate Class Modems

19.2Kbps Advanced Network Modems

19.2Kbps Corporate Class Modems

14.4Kbps Advanced Network Modems

14.4Kbps Corporate Class Modems

Legacy Modems: Bell

208A/B, 208B, 202S/T, 202S, 202T

DC powered modems 33.6Kbps to 1200 bps

SNMP Network Management

ZSNMP software and Z3200E management controller



1600 for Legacy Modems

                        Industrial Ethernet Switch / Router


For Sales enquiry, please send email to sales@sstl.com.hk, or call us at +852 2152 8966.

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